Sight Reading Action Instruction

Important: please make sure your instrument is tuned and mic access is allowed for this app.

How to use Sight Reading Action

After opening the app, you will enter the main page, where you do the training.

  • In main page, click “Start” will start the play, and you will see notes moving from right to left.  You need to play the left most note to make it disappear, and you lose if a note reached the left side of staff.  The vertical line at the middle of the staff is called “beat line”.  If you play a note when it hits the “beat line”, the “beat line” will flash and you get triple score in game mode.
  • In main page, click “Options” will lead you to options page where you can set:
    • Instrument: the instrument you play
    • Mode: game model or practice mode.
      • Game mode starts from slowest speed and increase the speed until the game ends, and its score will be recorded.
      • Practice mode is a constant speed play, and has no score.
    • Range: limit the range of notes you want to play on.  You also select whether or not to include accidentals here.
    • Speed: how fast notes move.  Only adjustable in practice mode.
  • In main page, click “History” to see your score history.  In “History” page, click “Clear” will clear all score history of current instrument.

That’s it!  Thank you for using our product.

The Free Version has following limitations

  1. Cannot use game mode or see game history.
  2. Cannot enable accidental
  3. Each session is limited to 1.5 minutes.
  4. It is ads sponsored.  You will see a banner at the bottom of the screen, as well as interstitial ads at the end of each session.